Colorado Springs, Recycling a Problem That Could Be Solved

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Colorado Springs needs help to improve their recycling efforts and junk removal practices. At first glance Colorado Springs would appear to be one of the “greenest” places in the country because all the natural beauty that surrounds the area. However despite the natural beauty, Colorado Springs has one of the worst track records in the nation for recycling.

Colorado Springs ranked 98th in the nation according to a Men’s Health magazine article. The junk removal practices and recycling efforts in this city are some of the worst in the nation. The good news is simple changes can be made to make your junk removal and disposal environmentally friendly.

The benefits of recycling could be easily facilitated but also profitable. There is no reason for Colorado to be lagging behind the rest of the nation, especially in an area with such natural environmental beauty.

Household Junk removal- recycling practices for Colorado Springs:

Junk removal companies have practices in place, whereby nearly 70 percent of their junk removal loads are recycled or donated and is willing to help residents become educated. Nearly anything metal can be recycled- papers magazines and cardboard as well can be taken to the recycling facility. Plastics and glass can be separated and recycled.

Items of worth from a junk removal can be donated to such institutions as Goodwill Enterprises and Salvation Army. Tires can be ground down and used for road construction. Computers and computer monitors can be taken apart, to obtain certain precious metals and the hazardous components disposed of properly. Basically everything has a home when your junk removal is done correctly. It is up to residents to educate themselves or call a Colorado Springs junk removal service that will ensure your junk removal and junk disposal is done with the most effective environmental friendly recycling practices in place.

Colorado Springs Construction Debris Removal:

Construction Debris is one of the bigger recycling disasters in play today. Typically new home construction will generate several tons or more of debris that is dumped in landfills. Construction companies could easily implement changes to their disposal methods that would divert seventy percent of this debris away from landfills.

In the framing stage of construction, a wood only dumpster should be used where nothing but untreated lumber scraps are placed into the container. As soon as this is filled the dumpster should be recycled for the wood. In different areas the rates for disposing strictly wood can be much cheaper than co-mingled construction debris. The drywall should be ground down and placed back in the soil. It is actually beneficial for the soil. Cardboard from appliance boxes and fixture packaging could be recycled as well. Aluminum siding scraps can be recycled for a profit along with copper wire pieces.

These debris removal practices could divert 60 to 70 percent of construction debris from entering the landfill. A third of what enters the landfill is construction debris. 70 percent of which does need to be there. If you look at the cumulative effect of this, it is outrageous that there are not laws on the books requiring construction companies to make a change in their practices especially when regular households are expected to make changes.


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